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About Us

We'll do whatever it takes to give you a wide range of great priced lifestyle products and a consistently great shopping experience.

Viva N Diva Couture began as the outcome of the thought "kuchh apna karte hain" and opened for business on 8 November 2011. Viva N Diva Couture is into manufacturing and export of Ethnic wear including saree's , Salwr Suits, Tunics, Recently we also started urban wear and inner wear for ladies.
Our benchmark designs include some of international designer's saree's and salwar kameez. We Dedicately 
work on customer statisfaction and bridging the gap between manufacture and end customer.
We do in-house designs and stitching for clothing. 
Viva N Diva Couture goal is to make affordable indulgence possible and our team of eCommerce and retail professionals is committed to offering our customers a range of pocket happy lifestyle products with a consistently great shopping experience.
Meaning of Our Name 
Viva : Viva Stand for Fashion 
Diva : Diva Stands for Fashion Queen .
Couture : Modern Name of Fashion.

So We are totally into Fashion. Manufacturing & Sourcing the products which are latest in fashion. So our tagline goes as " An Epitome of Panache".

Our Future planning is to sourcing fashion accessories, and immitation and original jewellery. 

We dedicate ourselve to make women more beautiful with changing trends.

Order process:

1. Email us to or you can reach us at +91-90168-20378 with album name and product code number.

2. You can forward with the order once the product is available.

Payment methods:

We strongly recommend that clients purchasing for first time, from any online store use paypal. As it's secure, and you are assured that you will receive your product.

a. Paypal (surcharge of 3%)
b. Western Union
d.Bank Transfer 

When your outfit is ready for pick up, or shipping we will notify you.

Now u can also buy our products online at

Return Policy:- NO RETURN OR NO EXCHANGE POLICY. But we accept returns in circumstances like size issues or damages.

If we have a question about your order, we will contact you by phone or email. 
Likewise, if you have any questions or changes in your order,

For wholesale quires please mail us at