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Why Love The Anarkali Suit?

Have you come to wonder what makes Anarkali Suits so popular?  Why everyone is currently  buying Anarkali Suits? We see more and more people liking and asking for Anarkali Suits instead of Sarees. Ladies nowadays prefer to wear Anarkali Suits on family functions and weddings where their obvious choice used to be Sarees.

What made such an impact on people that everyone is so crazy about Anarkali Suits?

Anarkali Suits actually are an Indian version of Gowns. The famous Anarkali are heavily embroidered with a number of pleats but the modern version of such suits look almost like a gown. These floor length Anarkalis which give a gown type look are so famed for they present the perfect version of Indo-Western fusion which everyone is bound to love.

When it comes to Indian dressing style, Suits and Sarees are the most common options for women. Sarees, though they look gorgeous but each one of us who has ever worn a Saree know how difficult it is to carry a Saree. You have to be very careful about the pleats. Moreover, you need to learn howto drape the Saree whereas Anarkali Suits are much easier to wear and easy to carry. They can be tumbled down the neck and there you go. The free fall of this dress type allows freely moving and setting to any posture you like.

It is best for the teen parade as its highly inappropriate for them to wear a saree on every occasion so Anarkali suits fit in the best.The suit also has a unique A-line fit which makes even the chubby ones look cuter and slimmer.

The Anarkali has always represented the royalty which makes it very classy attire and well respected and appreciated in the high society. The cherry on the cake with that is that the Anarkali suits are so beautifully embroidered and embellished making them the point of attraction immediately.

We have shared with you all the reasons why we love Anarkali Suits , now its your turn tell us your views in comments below.