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Must have Sarees!!

For women who love wearing sarees or who have to wear them at least for family functions, selecting the right saree material that suits the occasion, season or your body type is always a mystery. One should know what suits the m, what are the properties of the fabric and what kind of material will be best suited for an occasion. For e.g. you can’t or rather shouldn’t wear a silk saree to an event where you have to constantly work as it will crease easy and loose its charm. Also you cannot wear a simple georgette saree to a wedding celebration, common I don’t have to tell you why. Just as I shouldn’t need to tell you that “don’t wear white in the rains”!! Here below I have shared with you fabric specific sarees that will help you choose the right saree for the right occasion.

#1. Faux Georgette Sarees to Feel Light yet Gorgeous:


Modern designers and craftsmen have created "Faux Georgette" material which is a much better alternative than the traditional georgette sarees. Faux georgette sarees are mediocre range sarees, quite affordable and if they are mildly embellished with a bright color combination can make an adorable outfit for dinner parties, office celebrations and your average kitty parties. In the summer season these could be your go to saree. Also a faux georgette saree does not occupy much space in your wardrobe.

#2. Crepe Sarees Make a Woman Look and Feel Enchanting:


It is a sheer wool or synthetic fiber fabric with a distinctive crisp and crimped appearance. You can wear crape sarees for multiple occasions they are trendy, stylish smart and in a summer wedding a crepe saree can give a very modern look. Not if you are the bride but if you are a guest, this is the way to go.

#3. Art Silk to Look Traditional Plus Fashionable:


Art silk resembles natural silk and is a synthetic fiber that typically costs less to produce. This comes in wide varieties and designs that one can't resist buying. A perfect blend of style and tradition. Art silk sarees are a perfect choice for the modern Indian woman who wants to be traditional & fashionable. They are an excellent choice for indoor events and for professional appearances.

#4. Chiffon Sarees are Lightweight, Balanced Plain-woven, Sheer & a Comfortable Fabric:


Thus it is recommend for evening wear and a "Chiffon Jacquard Saree" with abstract prints all over can add glitter to your party wear. They can be easily carried and are amongst the most comfortable fabrics available.

#5. Lycra for winter:


Lycra silk sarees are made from 90% to 95% of silk and 5% to 10% of elastic synthetic fiber called spandex. It adds a kind of a comfortable stretch element in your sarees. Drape these sarees on any occasion and take your glamour quotient a notch higher.

#6. Bhagalpur silk can have a Typical Ethnic Appearance:


Bhagalpuri silk sarees have a way of impressing your viewers. Silk like fabric that feels superior in looks giving you that mesmerizing touch. If your mother-in-law is to be impressed , dress up in a beautiful bhagalpuri silk saree and dazzle her right away.

#7. Cotton Sarees for All Season:


It is the original traditional form of Indian saree that can be worn stylishly during any season. You can find here a wide range of cotton sarees for yourself which can be worn any time of the year.

#8. Net Sarees for Evening:


There is nothing better than a beautiful Net Saree. They are gorgeous to wear for any function, especially weddings and other social occasions. Here is the best collection of net sarees you must own.

#9. Chiffon Jacquard Saree:


This beautiful chiffon jacquard Saree which can make you look gorgeous with the self-motifs added on the body of your attire to make it an interesting piece to wear at any occasion. You will love the designs and color combinations available in these sarees. The motifs on the saree make it more gorgeous than normal sarees.

#10 Chiffon and Net Sarees


Chiffon and net sarees are known for their dual fabrics and beautiful designs. They definitely are the go to saree this season. Grab them now. We hope this information helps you stock your wardrobe with the sarees that best suit you. Stay tuned for more.