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Best Women Fusion Wear Ideas - Let The Trend Be Your Muse!

There are a lot of clothes in my wardrobe, said no woman ever! 

Nobody likes to dress ordinary for a party. A sea of compliments and lots of eyes rolling while you walk into that room is what most people look forward to. Deny as much as you want to, you know it’s true! Wedding season has already started in India and it’s time to revamp your wardrobe with something different, something extraordinary. If your desire is to create an out of the box outfit for you, you’ve landed on the right page. 

There’s a lot you can do with your outfits. Mix them, match them, redo them into something completely different but if still want something brilliant for yourself, we can help you with outfits. Imagine what would it feel like to find all your fashion needs under one roof! Well, we have got your back! We have an array of trending fashionable designs that you can try and replicate in your outfit. And to make your shopping even better, here are some amazing fashion coupons and deals for you to checkout. You can get fashion accessories, best festival outfits, and a lot more! So without further ado, let’s move on to our best fusion wear ideas for women. 

Best Fusion Wear Ideas For Women

1. Team Up Your Saree With A Plane Shirt

Source: Mirraw

How about teaming up your Saree with a plain shirt? Indo-western outfits for women have become the latest favorite among the fashionistas around the world. Not just in Indian, but women across the globe are experimenting with these fusion designs when it comes to costumes. And what better option than a saree with a shirt? This combination defines the non-submissive yet traditional woman that you are and define your strength through your attire. 

You can also accessories yourself with some funky jewelry or maybe a long Kundan necklace to give your look a final touch of royalty. 

When it comes to dressing up traditionally, this 6-yards full of beauty and royalty can add grace to anyone who drapes it. Whether it’s a Silk saree or any other fabric, you will always look gorgeous in this Indian attire when you carry it with love and grace. There are so many shops online as well as offline where you can find the best collection of Sarees but if you’re looking for pure silk sarees, we’d love to display our collection before you. Do check out a wide range of silk saree collection online and be amused by the collection that we have for you?

How to drape a saree?

This question springs up in every girl’s mind sometime or the other. Here’s a short guide to how to drape a saree in style

2. Dhoti with a Blazer 

Source: Pinterest

Yes, that’s right! This combination is one of the many options that you can explore to make you look trendy and also very bold. Pairing up your dhoti with a perfectly tailored formal blazer. This combination is for all those boss ladies who are firm, determined and always on their foot. If you’re sporting this look for a particular occasion, you should go for a smoky-eye makeup with a touch of bronze to make your makeup sync well with your outfit. 

You can also go for a crop top and a slit sleeve open jacket to make your a lot more stylish. If you fancy handloom, a handwoven Gujarati jacket will do the job just right!

3. Comfortable kurta with a highly-distressed Jeans 

Source: Pinterest

This is probably the most common indo-western outfit that you might have seen women carrying with utmost confidence. Our most favorite Bollywood actresses like Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt are commonly seen wearing a casual kurta with ripped jeans and a cool pair of sunglasses, of course! This fusion wear is not just comfortable, it's also extremely stylish and very breezy. You can opt for this look at a small function and be the cynosure of the vent. 

If it’s a wedding function that you are picking this outfit for, you can team up a pastel color Gota-Patti Kurta with distressed jeans. I can already imagine you slaying at the party! 

4. Skinny Fit Jeans With Dupatta Saree

Source: BP Guide India

Confusing? Well, you can sport skinny fit jeans and a matching top. Wondering what’s so new about this? Well, you then wrap your dupatta like a saree and have all eyes rolling like you everywhere you go! To carry this look, you should go with a wide chiffon dupatta that can be pleated and wrapped around comfortable. Wear your favorite pair of heels with this and bingo, you are all set! 

To make the look even better, you can go for statement jewelry and add a little more glamour to your already sizzling look. Plus a little makeup would do the perfect job! 


5. Lehenga with a Shirt

Source: Pinterest

Will, ever since Anushka Sharma sported her Mehndi look in a skirt paired with a white shirt and studded necklace, the fashionistas are replicating the look everywhere. And why not? It’s so comfortable, so stylish, and so unique! Team up your silk skirt or an embroidered skirt with a plain shirt in contrast and rock the look like nobody else! 

If you love oxidized jewelry, this outfit is perfect for you as you can wear a lot of oxidized jewelry with this dress. From as many as three necklaces in different sizes to over-the-ear earrings, mang tika, rings, and a lot more! 

These were our favorite fusion wear for women. But there’s so much that you can do with your clothes to make them the best fusion attire ever! Indo-western outfits are all about experiments and proper execution. If you’re good with that, you’re sorted! If not, we are there for you! Happy shopping! 

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