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10 Fashion Hacks to Beat This Summer

Whether you are of the opinion that summer is the best season to showcase your style ornot, you can always make use of a few tips. These tips would efficiently help you to protect yourself from extreme temperatures. It is a commonly observed fact that summer is not the best season to put your best foot forward in terms of style statement. Summers can be atrocious to your skin and your overall outer glow. However, with the right type of clothing, you would always be in hea an advantageous position. Besides the apparent tactics of staying hydrated, you should be well-versed with the basics of summer clothing. Inappropriate use of fabrics may also have a bearing on your health. However, with the help of below-mentioned hacks, you can do whatever you want irrespective of the rising mercury.

1. Cotton and other natural fibersshould be your go-to choice

There is a reason that why cotton clothes always hog the limelight in the summer season. Apart from cotton, there exist a lot of other natural fibers which helps in the proper ventilation of the skin. These types of threads help a lot in circulating the outside air inside your clothing. Quite interestingly, these types of fibers also help you to feel like you are literally wearing an air conditioner in the sweltering heat. Furthermore, cotton and other natural fibers help the body sweats to be absorbed in a proper manner. This ensures that you do not feel much discomfort even when you are pursuing arduous tasks.

2. Go for white to shun the sun

Wearing white-colored outfits is a common phenomenon to beat the summer heat. It is sobe cause white along with other lighter shades like pastels and creams dispel heat instead of absorbing heat. This goes a long way in ensuring that you are always comfortable when out in the sun. However, still make sure that you opt for cotton and natural fibers. If you wear artificial fibers that have lighter shades, they would not help. Cloth would aid in the proper ventilation of the body heat. Moreover, if you sport an all-white look, it would help you to look chic and stylish. 



3. Opt for your favorite shades ifyou know that you would be outside the whole day

Summer sare atrocious not only for the sweltering heat but also for harmful UV rays that can harm your eyes. Hence, if you are well-aware about the fact that you would be on the streets the whole day, carry your shades with you. These sunglasses would not only give comfort to your eyes but would also absorb the harmful UV rays. Interestingly, the sunglasses those are available nowadays come in a variety of style and shapes. Choose one that best goes with your face and keep it on the whole day. Besides making you feel comfortable, they would also help you to showcase your style statement.

4. Carry hats and umbrellas

Though these accessories may seem a tad old, their practicality is unquestionable in the sweltering summer heat. Nowadays, hats and umbrellas are slowly gaining mass popularity not for their style, but for their comfort. These accessories play a crucial role in ensuring that your body is protected from the unforgiving summer heat. Furthermore, you would come across various trendy outfits these days that can be complemented by wearing a hat. Opt for those fashionable outfits to carry you effortlessly in the sweltering summer heat. If you are more inclined to carry an umbrella, then give one which has lighter shades.  


5. Opt for deodorants to prevent odor and chaffing in shoes you wear without socks

If you want to beat the summer heat in a reasonable fashion, going sock less is a must. But when you do not wear socks, the shoes tend to get stinky which can bedetrimental to the skin of your foot. This is the reason that always opts for a deodorant which would not only help your feet to smell right; it can also eliminate the bacteria. Nowadays, you would find a plethora of deodorant brands which have strong anti-bacterial action on your feet. Furthermore, with the application of deodorant, you would eliminate friction. This is good if you love to walk wearing shoes.




6. The effective use of handkerchiefs

When the summer heat reaches that unforgiving mark, always carries a pair of handkerchiefs with you. They are useful not only to wipe sweat; they can also come handy in pressing down on the pulse points. This helps your body to stay cool in an effective manner.

7. Take off your shoes at regular intervals

You can release a lot of heat through the soles of your feet. Make sure that you take them off on a periodic basis to feel comfortable.

8. Keep extra shirts and deodorant sat your workplace

This trick can help you to combat excessive sweat and perspiration. Always keep extras in your workplace to beat the sweltering summer heat. In case you are a woman, always keep extra Kurtis in your office lockers.

9. Invest in little or no makeup

Summer is that kind of a season that calls for less makeup. This is the reason that you should take advantage of your sun-kissed skin and keep makeup to a minimum.Go for a touch of mascara and tinted moisturizer.

Description: cold shoulders summer fashion hack\


10. Opt for cold shoulders

Shoulder shave been the focus of attention for quite a long time now and this is the reason that you should showcase your shoulders a little bit more this summer.Cold shoulders outfits are currently a rage and you can pair them up with a variety of bottom wear apparels.

The above-mentioned hacks would always help you to retain your cool even when the mercury attains unimaginable levels.


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